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The Master of Ceremony

Siposhegyi Zoltán

Anchor 1

Marriage lasts for a lifetime and you get only one chance to celebrate the day it starts – the day of your wedding. You have tons of expectations and great ideas – but let’s face it: you lack the experience. It’s awfully hard to find the perfect place and time – and providers especially – if you can only rely on other people’s recommendations. I know that well, I recently married to the love of my life!
The best I can do to help is to be honest with you. I am not vital. If you plan on having a small wedding where you can manage things yourselves, you can always ask a social butterfly friend to jump in but prepare for minor errors to occur. I’ll let you in on a secret: the perfect wedding is up to you!
Should you, however, plan on inviting all your family and friends and or you just want to make sure that your big day goes carefree – you’ve found the right person. After more than a decade of working in theater and television I found my place mastering ceremonies. As a Foreign News Desk reporter in television, I lived abroad for long periods of time, conducted interviews with many interesting people and I can safely say that I get along well with everyone – not only in Hungarian, but English, Spanish and German too!
For me, personal contact is essential. I want to be more than another vendor to you. Let’s get to know each other and be friends – this way, when you see me on the wedding day, you’ll know that everything will go smoothly. If you choose me, I would like to meet at least 3 to 4 times before the big day, to plan every minute of it! I will bring out the best in you, and believe me, I am up for any madness you can imagine!
My motto is “everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory.” Forget about what is appropriate! If you want to have a truly amazing wedding you should ignore what granny expects you to do. It will be your day; it is just about you! Put your heart and soul in it, your hobbies, your favorite movies or anything that is important for you! I can help you do that.
On the big day I will synchronize all the vendors, lead the guests and kick off in a humble and discrete way. Your guests won’t even realize that everything’s going nice and smoothly while they have the time of their lives!
If you can relate to all of the above let’s meet up for a cup of hot chocolate or wine and discuss all the details!
Hope to see you soon:

Zoltán Siposhegyi
The Master of Ceremonies

Promó Vidó

Best professional English speaker I've encountered in Hungary. Great energy. Modern, sophisticated take on the ceremony master role. Great fun too!


Virág András

Zoli is the perfect choice for your wedding! He is very natural and professional. He knows what to say and when to stay in the background.


Romantikus, vintage stílusú és természetközeli esküvőt álmodtunk meg magunknak, egy olyan helyen, ahol csak mi vagyunk a családunkkal és barátainkkal, ahol a buli reggelig tart és mindenki egy fergeteges élménnyel térhet haza. 


The presenter
and moderator

As a correspondent and anchor I'm really used to the spotlight, and the microphone. Therefore I get many request to host cultural or scientific events, and moderate roundtable discussions. But sometimes I undertake the speeker role in multi-day festivals. I live my daily life between news and books, and my thirst for knowledge helps me to be prepared for even the most complex conferences. 


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